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The transcontinental railroad, completed in 1869, and the coming of the Southern Pacific Railroad in the 1860s and 1870s, created an atmosphere wherein wealthy people bought huge tracts of land, hoping either to subdivide them into town sites and sell them or to simply keep their holdings for a few years and sell to someone else at a much higher price. That occurred throughout the region, and the Riverside area was not exempt. Its first speculator was Benjamin Hartshorne, and until now, almost nothing has been known of his dealings in the area.

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«A lot of people are looking at this as, is this point of downfall or the point at which we rose above the rest, the point of resiliency?» Sluder said. «I don’t think that’s been determined yet.» (Jetta Fraser/The Columbus Dispatch via AP)In this Thursday, Aug. Flag at Miami International Airport in Miami.

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Tittle with daughter Dianne Tittle at rehearsal for her coming out at Palo Alto Hills Country Club in Palo Alto, California on August 24, 1968. Backgrounds are other young ladies coming out at the same time. Tittle instructs quarterbacks Dick Shiner (11), Fran Tarkenton (10) and Bobby Davis (15) at the team training field at Brookville, Long Island in New York on August 4, 1970.

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Lupine (Lupinas spp.) sport singular colors such as blue, pink white and purple. These deer resistant flowers also come in varieties with bi colored blooms. The bi colored variety typically have white with other colors like yellow, pink, blue, purple and reddish purple.

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«We still live in a natural world,» he said. «We are still in awe at seeing these things like we were born yesterday. Every day I see them, it’s a new day. His family was very thankful that just one week before he died, Tom was able, through sheer determination, to reach his last two goals. First, and foremost, to return home to be with his beloved wife, Ruth Snyder Azzara, «his girl of 70 years» and person he loved most in the world. Secondly, to reach age 90, which he did on March 1, 2012, celebrating with his family at home.